Can False Statements on Your
Security Application Affect You?


False statements on your SF-86 can cause an applicant to lose a job opportunity or face prison time. It is imperative for individuals to be honest when filing out their SF-86. To be clear, this blog refers to purposeful dishonesty and not simple mistakes due to confusion or misunderstanding.

United States Attorney. Dawn N. Ison states, "It is vital that those individuals who gain access to classified information related to our national defense are truthful and honest about their connections to foreign governments so that our nation’s military secrets do not end up in the wrong hands."

It is important to be honest, as it may cause a denial or revocation of your security clearance. It is harder to defend clients when they have purposely engaged in dishonesty. When an applicant is shown to have engaged in deception, it calls into question their suitability for a security clearance.

A recent case involving a naturalized citizen, who was employed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, demonstrates serious consequences due to dishonesty. The applicant was indicted on two counts of making false statements and falsifying records in a federal investigation. He lied about working for the Taiwanese government. He pleaded guilty and could face a maximum of 25 years in prison.

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