Can My Local Law Enforcement Agency Obtain My SF-86?

The SF-86, eQIP, and eApp are extensive documents that require applicants to disclose private, sensitive, and personal information. These applications are usually for federal agencies to determine whether an applicant should have access to classified government information.

Local law enforcement agencies are generally not interested in the information on a security clearance application when investigating criminal conduct. These applications are typically backward-looking, meaning the information provided is usually about past behavior. The data an applicant provides may not even amount to illegal behavior, or if it does, law enforcement has already adjudicated it.

Furthermore, as we discussed in my previous blog, collected data is protected under the Privacy Act. To access their investigation report, an applicant must submit a Privacy Act request. It is highly unlikely that a local law enforcement agency will have legal grounds to access a security clearance investigation for the purpose of investigating a crime.

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