Can Negative Familial Association Cause Security Clearance Concerns for Applicants?


The reality is that the security clearance application asks for a lot of information. The application requires security applicants and holders to name relatives, neighbors, and friends. The provided information assists with verifying the applicant. Disclosure of names is not to aid in catching criminal relatives or cast a negative light on your familial origins.

We cannot choose our family, but we can choose who we associate with. Everyone has a family member who is either in jail or has a criminal background. It is important to disclose the names and information of relatives and family members when required. There have been a few cases in which an applicant adamantly denied having a brother or sister dispute evidence to the contrary. The applicant lost their security clearance due to the lack of candor and trustworthiness. Had the applicants simply disclosed the required information, they may still have their clearance.

It is imperative to separate yourself from family members who engage in criminal or shady activity. Association with individuals, for example, consistent communication or constant contact, may raise questions about your reliability, suitability, and possible blackmail. Always remember that distancing yourself from these types of individuals will assist with mitigating any concerns the government may have.

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