Can sex, prostitution, and escorting cause
security clearance revocation or denial?

An applicant’s prior and current sexual acts may be grounds for denial or revocation of their security clearance. Prostitution is illegal in all states except Nevada. There are countries where prostitution is legal and regulated. Regardless of where the individual engages in this type of behavior, it could call into question your suitability for a security clearance.

The Adjudicative guidelines under sexual behavior, prostitution, or pornography could make you susceptible to blackmail, coercion, or exploitation by criminals, individuals, or foreign intelligence operatives. Multiple adjudicative guidelines are triggered when someone seeks or engages in illegal sexual behavior.

The Government may allege a violation of Guideline D: Sexual Behavior due to the sexual nature of the act. There may be grounds for Guideline E: Personal Conduct if the applicant engaged in illegal sexual behavior or lied about the behavior on their SF-86 or during a polygraph. Lastly, Guideline J: Criminal Conduct applies if the sexual behavior is illegal.

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