What Happens When You Quit Your Current Job Before the Security Clearance Process is Complete?


Sometimes, a job may not be the right fit for us in life. If you switch jobs before completing the final clearance steps, your security clearance crossover may be left in limbo. If your clearance is denied, it could be because of unadjudicated information.

Unadjudicated information means that the Company seeking to employ the applicant cannot see what the original entity has collected. The timeframe for this process can take months because the security office must adjudicate and address the clearance concerns.

It is recommended to remain with the same agency until your clearance has been finalized and to maintain communication with them during the investigation process. Changing jobs during this time can cause delays and leave you in a state of uncertainty between agencies. Leaving a pending status position can result in a "loss of jurisdiction" recorded on your personnel file. To prevent these issues, it is best to wait until the clearance is complete before making any job changes.

With the implementation of new policies and the National Background Investigation Services (NBIS), it is certainly possible that this process may be streamlined and a reduction in “limbo” status may occur.

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