What is the whole person concept, and how does it pertain to security clearance applicants?

Last Updated: June 2, 2023

The whole person concept is a relevant and important key factor when evaluating an applicant’s eligibility for a security clearance. The whole person concept examines the background, experiences, accomplishments, and facts relevant to the applicant’s conduct and circumstances. An administrative judge or adjudicator must take this concept into account. The whole person concept verbiage typically appears in all adjudications written by the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals judges.

It is important to note that the administrative judge is tasked with considering all available and reliable information related to the applicant’s background and conduct, both favorable and unfavorable, when deciding whether to grant or deny a security clearance.

Lastly, a security clearance is a privilege, not a right, and any doubt about a person’s trustworthiness, honesty, and reliability may result in a revocation, suspension, or denial of access to classified information.

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